SanDisk Sansa Clip Annoyances

30 November -0001

I recently purchased a 2GB SanDisk Sansa Clip MP3 player. It showed up and looked great. Problem was I plugged it into my XP laptop and it was recognized as a new USB device, but it wouldn't show up in my 'My Computer' menu. I purchased this particular model MP3 player precisely because it didn't need any extra synchronization software - you just drag mp3 files onto the device drive and they load on the player (supposedly).

After searching online for some time I finally found the solution to my problem at I'll repost the fix here in case anyone else has trouble finding a solution to this problem.

First you have to download the MTP PORTING KIT. This is the Media Transfer Protocol Porting Kit from (you can find it just by searching for MTP PORTING KIT on their site). Download and install the kit. Next turn off your player by pushing the power button on the side. After it shuts off, use the slider button to put the player in the hold position. Now press the center button and plug the USB connector into your device and your computer. Hold the center button for 5-7 seconds after plugging the device in. This time you should see your device show up as 'SANSA CLIP' with a drive letter and you can drag files to and from it just like any other USB drive.