Installing TrueCrypt 6.2 on CentOS 5.3

30 November -0001

TrueCrypt ( is a great open source encryption package. Unfortunately installing TrueCrypt on Linux often involves building it from source. This can be quite a hassle due to the many dependencies. I've written up a short list of instructions for successfully installing TrueCrypt 6.2 on CentOS 5.3 ( to hopefully save others some of the time and hassle I had to go through to figure this out.

  1. Add RPMForge repositories according to instructions at
  2. Install fuse and fuse-devel packages (yum install fuse fuse-devel)
  3. Download the TrueCrypt source packages from
  4. Download the wxWidgets source (wxAll) from
  5. Create a directory called pkcs11 and download all the ".h" files (cryptoki.h, ct-kip.h, otp-pkcs11.h, pkcs-11v1-20a3.h, etc.) from
  6. Extract the wxWidgets package and install according to the install-gtk.txt file:
    	mkdir buildgtk
    	cd buildgtk
    	../configure --with-gtk
    	make install
  7. Extract the TrueCrypt sources
  8. Build wx using:
    	# make WX_ROOT=/home/justin/wxWidgets-2.8.8 wxbuild
  9. Build TrueCrypt using:
    	# make PKCS11_INC=/home/justin/software/encryption/pkcs11 WXSTATIC=1
  10. Make sure your sudo file allows no TTY, edit /etc/sudoers and make sure to comment out or delete the line:
    	Defaults    requiretty
  11. Start TrueCrypt using the file in main/ such as:
    	$ ~/truecrypt-6.2-source/Main/truecrypt