Linux Security Tools

30 November -0001
These links are provided so you can get a look at them. I make no guarantees for these downloads. You can probably find more recent distro's on your own, but I tried to centralize these for easy download. Various Linux RPM's for useful traffic monitoring and network security are included below:


Ettercap is an ARP poisoning enabled sniffer. Using this tool you can redirect traffic destined for a router to your machine, sniff the traffic, then forward it on to the router so that there's no interruption of service. Useful for sniffing on a switched network.
Useful libraries for promiscuous mode sniffing. This package is necessary for snort and other sniffing tools.
*The* definitive sniffer/Network intrusion detection system. Snort is a robust tool for network traffic monitoring and detection of hostile intrusion attempts. Also wonderful for network traffic diagnostics.
NMAP (includes Nmap Front End)
NMAP is a great scanner for security auditing and target enumeration. The front end provides a GUI for easy scanning and reference.
The dsniff package includes several files including a simple password sniffer, webspy for following URL traffic, a mail sniffer, and others. A very useful package...
This is a tarball rather than a RPM, but it is necessary for Dsniff to work.