Irish Hot Teens

30 November -0001

While it's still early for St. Patrick's Day I thought I'd point out an interesting tidbit I noticed from my server logs recently. I currently hold the number one Google result for quite a few random queries, some that I never would have suspected. These top rankings tend to be articles on my website that are concerned with Linux troubleshooting, security, databases, odd programming challenges and so on. Because my website hosts so much eclectic technical data (mainly results of troubleshooting problems that I know I'll never remember - and thus I document), I'm not surprised by many of the results. Among the hit parade are:

math in bash shell
hack into a website
update urpmi database

and several others. You can see the common tech thread throughout them all. However, the really interesting #1 search results come out of combinations of odd keywords that show up in my site that, quite frankly, have nothing to do with one another. My personal favorites is the article that shows up as the #1 Google search result for 'irish hot teens' (or 'hot teens irish'). I actually get a lot of random combinations with 'irish' in them, but this one has got to be the dearest to my heart. There's my humble website, nestled on top of a mountain of 1,320,000 hits, and most of the hits don't have much to do with the results you might expect from such a query. You gotta tip your hat to a search engine that can do that!