Linux - My Systems (read before other troubleshooting pages)

30 November -0001

Why do I love linux? I think mostly because its a constant challenge. Right now I'm running two linux systems. I'm running the server you're reading this on, which is pretty much described under the 'site' link above, and I'm running Linux on my laptop. I'll use this article to describe and keep track of my problems on my Linux laptop and the solutions I find.

First let me describe my laptop configuration. I'm running Mandrake 8.0 on an IBM Thinkpad A21e. I've got a dual boot with Windows 2000 Professional and Linux. The dual boot is *extremely* useful for troubleshooting (if it works in Windows its a software problem, not a hardware defect). I'm using LILO as my boot loader, and KDE as my desktop. My internet connection is Verizon DSL (yes, you can use Linux to connect even though they tell you its not possible) through a Netgear FA511 Fast Ethernet PCMCIA card. My modem is a winmodem, but I've gotten that working too. I'm using ALSA as my sound driver as well. So from here, I'm going to use these pages to track changes in the system and new issues/problems.