Goodbye Android, Hello iPhone

I'm getting an iPhone today after years of loyal Android OS use. Why you may ask? Well the Android security model finally got to me after a McAffee report noted a massive jump in Android malware that made it the most targeted mobile platform. Given that the iOS market share is far larger than that of Android this trend made no sense. Examining most malware trends shows that the vast majority targets the platform with the highest availability.

Web 3.0 is Mobile

Reviewing this morning's New York Times, skimming stories about Samsung counter-suing Apple over copyright infringement centering around patents for mobile technologies, and coverage of the recent Amazon E2 cloud services outage taking down sites like 4square, and flipping past advertisements for the new Apple iPad2, it occurred to me that the technology world is experiencing a seismic shift like nothing it has seen since the introduction of the internet. Mobile technology is booming, end running challenges formerly considered insurmountable, like the Germans circling the Maginot line.

Props to Apple

It snowed, heavily, here in Philadelphia over the last weekend. It was a nasty mix of slush, sleet and snow too. All in all it made conditions pretty gnarly. So I wasn't at all surprised when, while walking around the neighborhood I spotted one of the old style iPod Shuffle's stuck in the snow under a thin layer of ice. The white Shuffle was nearly invisible in the snow, and I honestly don't know how I even saw it. What I was surprised by, was that after chipping the device out of the ice (it was buried so well that I couldn't wrench the headphones out of the ice layer they had frozen in) it looked relatively intact. I had to abandon the headphones though. So after taking the device home I figured I had nothing to lose and plugged it into my computer. Lo and behold - it still worked!