Connecting to MySQL from Oracle SQL Developer

Although MySQL ( has released a suite of GUI tools, developers remain less than enthusiastic about options for configuring and maintaining MySQL servers via graphical user interface. For years the popular choice has been PHPMyAdmin (, which is a web based interface. While PHPMyAdmin is a powerful tool, I find it rather slow and sort of unintuitive. I've been searching for a good way to interact with my MySQL databases for some time. I use Oracle's SQL Developer ( for a while and find it to be a great tool. SQL Developer is free, and because it's written in Java it can run anywhere. With the latest version of SQL Developer you can now connect to MySQL databases by setting up connections in the same way that you set up Oracle connections. You do have to install the MySQL connectors though, and that part can be tricky.

Is Oracle Data Encrypted on the Wire?

This short article answers a question recently posed to me. I set out to determine if queries and responses to and from Oracle databases (which occur over TCP port 1512 by default) were encrypted.

Using Oracle's SQL Developer from Mandriva

This article was written specifically for a Mandriva workstation, but the principles are the same so it applies to almost any Linux distribution. This article provides instructions to get SQL Developer working and connecting to a remote Oracle host behind a firewall (i.e. not accepting inbount port 1521 tcp connections) by utilizing an SSH port forwarding tunnel.

MS Acces to Oracle via ODBC

Instructions on connecting Microsoft Access to Oracle using ODBC. Useful for transitioning users from local Access applications and databases to a centralized Oracle data repository.