I will not argue that copyright has been perverted and used in ways it was never intended. However, the intent is to protect small authors from abuse by large or disreputable publishing houses. Suppose I work for a long time writing a book. Let's say I publish this book with the intention of getting paid for that work. Now, if some large publishing house copies my book and distributes it themselves and charges money, but doesn't give me any, how is that fair for me as an author? Isn't that the same as stealing? That is exactly the thing that copyright is designed to protect.


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Long, long ago, people used to publish links to their favorite websites on their own homepages. This tradition helped to boost traffic and create rings of sites that shared information, purpose, and respect. Of course, this was long before the age of the commercial information. Now that everyone is concerned with 'retaining eyeballs' nobody wants to share their precious traffic with anyone other than their click through ads. In an effort to be retro and to register my disgust with the way the internet has come to function I'm posting up this page of my favorite links. I hope you find them useful.