Windows XP Service Pack 3

30 November -0001

This past Tuesday (May 6, 2008) Microsoft made Windows XP Service Pack (SP) 3 available. Automatic updates should find and download this update. In reviewing the documentation I found that SP 3 does little to actually improve XP, but some bug fixes are included. It seems like the main gist of SP 3 is to add Vista compatibility. The official Microsoft release notes can be found at

Be sure to download and install all the latest Microsoft patches and updates. Malware that strikes at client machines is becoming more prevalent and devious, even hiding on trusted websites. The bad guys are now making a LOT of money by installing malware on home users' machines so every machine is at risk. Even if you don't have anything important on your computer you should take steps to protect it. The bad guys are just as happy to steal your bandwidth and processing to send spam and host phishing sites as they are to steal your identity and credit card information. This makes everyone a target, so don't skimp on security just because you don't think you have anything to protect!