Setup of My Laptop

30 November -0001

here's my configuration, you can check your own settings by issuing the 'df' command at the command line.

Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/hda6             236M   43M  181M  19% /
/dev/hda10            2.9G  909M  1.8G  32% /home
/dev/hda5             996M   84M  913M   8% /mnt/win_c
/dev/hda8             2.0G  1.5G  355M  81% /usr
/dev/hda9             2.3G   32M  2.2G   1% /var

I haven't put much on the computer and you'll notice my /usr drive is pretty close to full. I think if I reinstall the system, I'll eliminate the /var partition and roll it into the /usr partition. You can see my root directory is fine, and the /home directory probably just right. The /mnt/win_c partition is a partition I set up in the Windows 2000 Professional setup. It isn't formatted with NTFS like the rest of that partition, but rather FAT32. This is so I have a transparent partition that can be accessed from Windows (its D:) and from Linux /mnt/win_c. This has been really helpful in doing things like downloading files to set up my intenet connection (my laptop doesn't have a floppy so getting info to it has to be through CD or download), all I do is download under Windows and save to my D: drive.